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Attack your Goals

What do you want from the game of basketball? College scholarship? Maybe, a chance to play in the NBA or overseas. It can definitely happen, but it depends on how much work you’re willing to put in. Your dreams and goals go as you go. If you work, then your dreams work and come alive. […]

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PGD Pre-Game Warm-Up

Warm up like a PRO/Warm up with a PURPOSE!!!   Warm-up time is going to vary depending on what level you play on. I’m going to give you one of my routines that I’ve used on game days to build up confidence and a rhythm before tip-off, by taking my self through game time motions and seeing the ball go […]

Lewis Clinch speaks on being a scoring guard.-PGD

I feel like being able to score all starts with the imagination. I remember spending hours of shooting in my back yard alone. While shooting I pretended to be playing against players . I got so good at pretending to be good in my back yard that eventually it transitioned to me doing it against kids […]